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Enable panning of map while Geometry Picker is active




  • Official comment
    Cam Barnard

    Jeff Kapellas If you are referring to the Web sketch tools (as opposed to the Workflow geometry picker) there is a way to do this today. We recognized the same problem. We have a story for a more robust fix.

    Today you can disable freehand drawing when sketching lines and polygons.

    This then allows you to press-and-hold the left mouse button to pan the map (whereas if freehand isn't disabled that would cause you to begin drawing freehand).

    Here is an example of a polygon drawing tool configured with this option.

        "name": "sketching.capture-geometry",
        "arguments": {
          "geometryType": "polygon",
          "disableFreehand": true,
          "pluginSettings": {
            "snapping": true
  • Jeff Kapellas

    Hi Cam Barnard :

    Thank you. That's useful to know. However, I was specifically referring to the Workflow Geometry Picker. The use case for the request is as follows:

    Open a workflow form -> use the Geometry Picker to draw a polygon around the features to be selected -> use resulting polygon is to query a feature layer

    It's sometimes not possible to get all of the desired features to be selected into a single map extent (due to layer scale-visibility restrictions, etc.), so having a way to pan the map while using the Geometry Picker would be very helpful.