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Difficulty with enabling snapping.



  • Andrew Adamson

    What version of Web are you on?  Looks like snapping was added @ 5.21 - 4 January 2023

  • Permanently deleted user

    Andrew Adamson

    What version of Web are you on?  Looks like snapping was added @ 5.21 - 4 January 2023

    My apologies, this may be on the wrong section. I thought I had posted to Studio.

    I believe the screenshot above shows the VertiGIS Studio Workflow Version 5.27.1. I'm not aware if the versions are separate usually. I updated the post to be under Studio Workflow, which I assume is 5.27.1.

  • Gareth Evans

    Hey @... are you running your workflow inside a VertiGIS Studio Web (VSW) app? The snapping we mention here is specific to VSW, it isn't configured at the workflow level.

    I haven't yet used snapping in the context of a geometry picker, but if you like I can give it a shot and provide an example.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thanks for the response Gareth Evans. I'll try to include as much information as I can.

    The workflows do have "VertiGIS Studio Web" checked in the Deployment tab.
    So I'm going to assume the design will include activities/commands allowed in VertiGIS Studio Web.

    I can run other commands utilizing the Run Command Activity such as:

    with expected results...

    However, when I try to run:
    I get the error that it is an unknown command (with the above screenshot). Perhaps I'm just misunderstanding when commands can and cannot be run in VertiGIS Studio Web (VSW)?

    My ultimate goal is to simply start the sketching (or whatever it may be called) when you start to draw graphics with the Geometry Picker activity. That way the user can "snap" to already exist features as they draw these graphics.

    I have found some acceptable work arounds in the meantime, but future tools could be a lot cleaner with built-in snapping options. Thanks for any support you can provide!

  • Zack Robison

    Studio is an umbrella that includes Workflow (where we're posting) and Web.  VertiGIS Studio Web is the primary Web App designer which you presumably are migrating to from Geocortex Essentials.  Knowing the Workflow deployment (the checkbox you mentioned) is helpful, but what we really are asking about is the version of the Web app that you are running, for example:

    Looks like you are trying to run this command in Web, but it could be in Mobile.  If it's Web, then you may need to upgrade your viewer since they just added snapping in January.  Then you'll see messages more like this:

    If you're trying to run this in mobile, then you'll probably need those workarounds for a little while longer.  If you were trying to run them anywhere else, ui.alert would not have worked for you; so we can rule that out!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thank you everyone. Appreciate the patience and my apologies for the difficulty in picking up on the different components and their versions. The issue is that I do, in fact, not have a version with snapping.

    Zack Robison, thanks especially for the screen shot as that helped determine exactly what and where I was supposed to be looking. Turns out we still have an older version:

    Easy fix for a backlog item later. Thanks again guys!

  • Rohan Christopherson

    Hi guys

    To add to this thread, I'm currently having difficulty activating snapping using the workflow geometry picker. Using SaaS products, so 5.22.2 Web and 5.32.0 Workflow, if I enable snapping it works using the drawing tools within web but not the geometry picker within the workflow. Anyone know how to enable it?