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What does Esri's JavaScript 3.x API retirement announcement mean for Geocortex?

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  • Michelle Wang

    Thank you Cam for the detailed information. One question for the planned maintenance release of GE/GVH, when will it be released?


  • Cam Barnard

    Michelle Wang There isn't anything urgent diving the next maintenance release of GE/GVH so we are working on it slowly. I would expect to see this out June 2023 (could be late May).

    One thing to note on this release is that instead of calling it 4.14.6 we plan to call it 4.15 ... this ensures it gets an entry in our calendar based lifecycle and makes it clear that it is supported through 2028 (with all the appropriate caveats around Esri's retirement of the Esri JavaScript 3.x API). 

  • Michelle Wang

    Cam, thank you for the information. The reason for the question was this statement in your announcement "VertiGIS plans to support GE/GVH through at least April 2028 (5 years from the planned maintenance release in April 2023)", and I was waiting for this release to upgrade our current GE which is of version 4.14.2. Do you recommend that I upgrade it to 4.14.5 for now?