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Workflow sign in credentials


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  • Zack Robison

    Alan: I haven't done this before but it seems to me that the description for auth.sign-in is worded a little tricky... it's the boolean argument that is only supported in mobile, not the command itself.  Try using the command in Web, I bet it works.

    Beyond this, I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do.  Also, how are users authenticating to your app, through Portal?  I'm guessing this is a public-facing app where you want extended access to logged in users, otherwise you could just force login to access the app in the first place.  I think that you can, though haven't myself, use the .groups from the Get Portal User activity and check that against properties in Get Layer.

    All that said, there is the Send Web Request activity if you need to build something outside of the box for authentication here, assuming your authenticator is web accessible.  If you're binding directly to ArcGIS Server, my first recommendation is to not do that, hook the services into AGOL or Portal then go through there.  Nevertheless, you can get user credentials from a form's password element and pass them along in a secure POST request to the ArcGIS Server token generator in a WF, then use that token to do things like add a layer to the map.  Don't forget to request a token w/ a long timer.