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Running a Stored Procedure



  • Zack Robison

    Have you tried the Run SQL Non-Query activity?  If you can't get that to run it, there's also a Run Python activity which provides about all of the server-side flexibility you can ask for, but you'll need a script for it of course.

    Note: these activities can easily poke holes in your data security.  Be certain that you aren't exposing yourself to SQL injection with them.

  • Robert Pincus

    Thank you Zack. I was able to figure the problem out as I was returning the shape 
    field in the procedure. Once the shape field was removed the workflow runs fine. 

    My next question is how to do I set up the query to use variables?
    In the command text for the Run SQL Query, this statement works....

    For production, the STNAME and CITY are going to variables entered by the user.
    How do I replace MAIN ST and RIVERSIDE with variables?
    This does not work...
    exec usp_ROAD_CLOSURE_NAMES @CITY = '${$city.result}', @STNAME = '${$stname.result}'