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New line in markdown text



  • Ash Petitjean

    The following code will create a new line.


  • Nico Burgerhart

    To create a line break or new line (<br>), end a line with two or more spaces, and then type return.

  • Atze Witteveen

    Thank you both for you respons. Ash his solution worked so I now got the layout I want. Nico his solution didn't work. Nothing was changing in the text layout.

  • Bryan Lynn

    I won't argue if you have a solution that works - that is the most important thing - but technically, I think Nico is correct for markdown. The &nbsp; solution doesn't make sense to me since that is a "non-breaking space" and should actually force a space and not a line break. It might be something in the CSS that is causing Nico's suggestion to not work.

  • Nico Burgerhart

    There could be a relation with the version of VSW. 5.16 and earlier support HTML in markdown, later versions don't support this.
    From What's New VSW 5.17: 

    Addressed a security hole in markdown rendering where the markdown renderer would also incorrectly try to render html content.

  • Jurgen de Koning

    According to the Workflow documentation a \ should work.

    Workflow Help - Form Elements (