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Search for an activity in the workflow




  • Amanda Frech

    Someone showed me a cool tip for this - if you open up the navigator, you can use the browser's CTRL + F function to search the webpage, and that will find results within the navigator panel too.  A built-in filter for the Navigator would still be best, but I've found that workaround is pretty useful.

  • Byju Geevarghese

    Thanks Amanda! Yes, the browser's CTRL + F keyboard shortcut can be used to highlight text in Navigator pane also. 

    But I am actually looking for a function that does more deeper search into the workflow code. e.g.  I want to quickly locate a query layer activity that uses a particular field name. 

  • Ken Lyon

    Hi Nabaz Gharib Mohammed and Byju Geevarghese,

    This is a feature we do want to add. I'm interested to learn more about how you would use this.

    When would you be using this feature?

    How would you expect it to work?

  • Nabaz Gharib Mohammed

    Hi Ken Lyon

    Thanks for following up with this new request.

    When a workflow grows bigger, there should be a way to effectively search for variables and activities added in the workflow.

    Let me present a case I am struggling with, I am now working on a workflow, which quite big, contains many activities and variable.

    To look for a variable, I have to go throw all containers and variable to find the one I look for. If there was a search feature, I could have managed to find it quickly.

    Nevertheless, I hope the search feature has at least capability to search throw:

    1. activates by name. it would be great if the search tool able to list all found activities in a panel and allow the user to click on them to easily navigate over the returned activities.
    2. the value in the variables

    Those are two of the status where I am struggling with when working on a big workflow.

  • Ken Lyon

    Nabaz Gharib Mohammed,

    Thanks for these examples. I understand searching by name but I think I'd need to clarify what you would expect to find in the value.

    Are you thinking primarily of hard-coded values like numbers and strings?

    I could imagine it'd be helpful to be able to search for the url of a feature service for example.

  • Alex St. John

    I would like to add the ability to search for Activity ID number that workflow assigns on the backend.

    For example, I see an error like in this post I created:

    "Failed to execute activity ### with action gcx:wf:forms:..."

    The ### would be very useful to search for, or the error logging would be very helpful to throw the activity ID, like $dropDownList8.

  • Ken Lyon

    Hi Alex St. John,

    Thanks for your comment. What you're describing here is a form element, which would be an additional enhancement. The form itself will have an id of something like $form1, which would be an activity id reference as discussed on this thread. However, dropDownList8 is a form element within that form. We could potentially also search for form elements via the same interface mind you.

    One detail to bear in mind is that there could then be multiple results. You could have a dropDownList8 in more than one form at a time, for example.