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Better visual indication of presence of defined events on form items



  • Zack Robison

    It'd also be really nice not to need to scroll to the bottom of an element's properties to see these.

    Getting a list of links to edit existing events at the top of an element would be a nice UI improvement for me.  Something small like "load    change" links for an element that has those two but not validate placed as small hyperlinks right between the element type and its id would be a small UI update that would help out when I need to keep re-editing tricky element subworkflow logic.

    Some small buttons in the corners of elements in designer would be helpful too, but for me this small update would go a long way... I don't need to add or delete subworkflows much but being able to click right into a subworkflow without scrolling around, even if I had to click on an element, first would be very nice.

  • Nico Burgerhart

    Thanks for your addition Zack Robison. Some you read back you own Idea and cannot remember anymore you wrote it ;-).

  • Zack Robison

    It's a good idea, thank you for adding it!