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add in a hyperlink to a pdf created by the report designer


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  • Andrew Kesterton

    Hi Larisa, 

    Are these PDF's stored as attachments on a feature service/layer in your ArcGIS Enterprise Server? 

    I had a similar use case where I wanted to include hyperlinks to documents attached to a feature service, as only the images could be embedded in the report.  This isn't possible out of the box and I started looking at it using a script baesd on this example, however because our services are secured then it wasn't possible to obtain the list of attachments.  There didn't seem to be a way to obtain a token to use in the script.   

    For secure services you would have to decide whether to then include a token in the url embedded in the report, which could potentially be a security risk.  Without the token in the embedded URL, the user would need to be logged in to download the attachments. 

    I'd be really interested if you find a solution!