Turn Labels On/Off in the Viewer (GVH-4683) Completed
93 votes 5 comments
Legend in current scope (GE-3490) Not planned
87 votes 8 comments
Edit multiple features' attributes at once (Edit feature attributes within a data grid) (GVH-5881)
73 votes 5 comments
Highlight a feature on the map when you hover over it in the results pane (GVH-5175) Completed
66 votes 7 comments
Add the ability to configure field properties for related tables
48 votes 7 comments
1059098 - Setting transparency for a layer in a map service
47 votes 1 comment
Search for Activity Completed
45 votes 8 comments
Display Basemaps and Cached Layers Between Their Cached Scales (GVH-11752) Not planned
44 votes 5 comments
Backup & Retrieve Individual Data Store Documents
42 votes 7 comments
Enable the ability to run GW5 workflows on startup/login Completed
38 votes 5 comments
Date Picker close pop-up after date selection Completed
37 votes 3 comments
Create New Feature tool should let you add attachments if applicable (GVH-12524)
37 votes 5 comments
Print Template Legend *
37 votes 3 comments
Printing 5 Legend needs to be much more customizable
35 votes 3 comments
Allow workflow container to be non-closable Completed
35 votes 6 comments
Allow Time Slider extents to use current date (DateTime.Now) as variable.
35 votes 6 comments
Client-side viewer help (GVH-4085) Not planned
35 votes 3 comments
Bring the Report Designer to the 21st century
34 votes 0 comments
Get Layer by Layer name Completed
32 votes 6 comments
Enable Geometry Picker by default Completed
32 votes 2 comments
"Export to shapefile" permission level
30 votes 3 comments
Horizontal form element positioning Completed
29 votes 3 comments
Set toolbar labels visibility to a default value in Manager (GVH-16430)
29 votes 1 comment
geotagged photos (GVH-6698)
29 votes 0 comments
Set Folder Visibility Not planned
27 votes 3 comments
Automatically zoom to results from global search
27 votes 8 comments
Import toolbar from other site or define your own preset toolbar
27 votes 2 comments
HTML 5 Viewer Print Preview / Preview Extent Functionality (GVH-4906) Completed
27 votes 2 comments
Several columns in print template legend?
26 votes 1 comment