Rename Geocortex Analytics Agent under installed applications (windows)
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Allow for shorter interval times
5 votes 0 comments
Ability to drill down on a tool to see the users who are using it
3 votes 0 comments
Automatically Clear Analytics Logs after certain period of time (variable)
4 votes 0 comments
Pause monitoring using schedule(r) in Geocortex Analytics
8 votes 1 comment
Additional ways to clear alarms
12 votes 5 comments
Time in Seconds
2 votes 1 comment
Please just use highcharts as your graphical means to display data.
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In Analytics under section "ArcGIS Servers" remove the cluster name
7 votes 3 comments
Show Minimum and Maximum Number of Instances and Capabilities
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Allow Reordering of Dashboard Items in Dashboard
0 votes 1 comment
Allow Configuration of Analytics Reports Pages
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Provide Ability to Toggle Legend On/Off for the Charts
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Filter services displayed in Alarms chart
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Enable the Capability to Resize Columns and Freeze Header Rows in Analytics
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Add Ability to Share Dashboards with Others
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Add Ability to Track Users' Saved Projects
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Geocortex Application Alarm Should List Site Name As Well
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Allow a dashboard to send a scheduled report of itself to multiple e-mail recipients (GID-1464) Planned
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Add a notification alert if/when a server is rebooted...
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Analytics should monitor itself Not planned
5 votes 1 comment
Force Analytics to probe service at a specific time
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More realistic response times for performance info
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make ArcGIS server log setting optional with warning or verbose
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Monitor memory spikes in ArcSOC.exe
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Display the start time of each user in Geocortex Analytics 1.3 as Geocortex Optimizer do; Not planned
6 votes 1 comment
Display the date of current day in Geocortex Analytics 1.3; Not planned
9 votes 0 comments
Correctly detect the IP address of a client in Analytics Completed
25 votes 3 comments