Layer Groups Completed
18 votes 3 comments
Configure the search component to use exact phrase without the end user needing to add double quotes. Completed
11 votes 4 comments
Swipe Layer Tool Completed
11 votes 2 comments
Data Linking in Geocortex Web Completed
11 votes 1 comment
Incorporate pop-ups with Arcade expression from AGOSL/Portal Maps into Viewer Completed
11 votes 1 comment
Friendly URL for Web Viewer Not planned
10 votes 2 comments
Expose more events in the Web designer Completed
9 votes 4 comments
Custom font in VertiGIS Studio Web
8 votes 0 comments
Limit Legend Items Based on Map Extent Not planned
8 votes 1 comment
Geocortex Web Street View Support Not planned
8 votes 9 comments
Time Slider Completed
8 votes 1 comment
Out-of-the-box feature editing tools (i.e. no workflow required) Completed
8 votes 2 comments
Out of the box attribute querying by end-users. Planned
7 votes 1 comment
Be able to use Geocortex Essentials sites in the new GC Web Viewer Not planned
7 votes 2 comments
Add the ability to display basemaps in the layer list including a transparancy slider Planned
6 votes 2 comments
Ability to show pop up with arcade expression in Geocortex Web Completed
6 votes 3 comments
Integrated project saving/sharing in GXW similar to GE/GVH Planned
6 votes 2 comments
set visibility of layers in Geocortex Web Not planned
5 votes 2 comments
AddLayerCatalog feature Completed
5 votes 2 comments
Add more workflow templates to feature actions for a layer Completed
5 votes 2 comments
Interact with graphics added from a workflow Completed
5 votes 2 comments
Use Portal's basemap gallery settings for the default basemaps 
4 votes 0 comments
Difference between Webmap popup vs Feature Detail Completed
4 votes 1 comment
VertiGIS Studio Web: Enable URLs without App ID Not planned
4 votes 3 comments
Allow more flexibility to Geocortex Web options with Deployment Mechanism Completed
4 votes 5 comments
Open url command Completed
4 votes 0 comments
Web Viewer - Waiting for Report Completed
4 votes 2 comments
Web Designer Deploy Events Completed
4 votes 1 comment
Open previous state of viewer on refresh Completed
4 votes 2 comments